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I'm 4' 22" tall, I weigh too much, too often. I can open beer bottles with my tooth, I've been confused with Vince Vaughn, not that we look alike, we were just lost at the same air port once.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Insurance questions

Hi every one. I have some questions some of my new friends might be able to help me with. I am in need of BLog insurance. I want to make sure I am insured against looking stupid, sounding stupid, misspelling, mispronunciation, being picked on, being picked on by a family member (brother). I want to make sure I have accidental blog insurance, incase I accidentally blog my self and need cleaned up. I guess I just need the basic blog insurance like most of you have. Can any of my new friends offer advice? Thanks so much, I look forward to your replies and hopefully this will give you all something to do tonight. If you need my social security number or my credit card number just let me know and I'll send it to you ASAP.
Thanks all and good night

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello, allow me to intorduce my self

Hi, I am new to this but I see it as a great way to piss away time, a useless hobby where I can further my future as a shut in. I don't have a prayer of meeting any new friends here, not because ya'll are not willing, it's just that I am such a negative mean sprited butt wipe, my true colors will soon come through and you will all hate me.
So with that said, allow me to be my self. Who the fuch has the time to waste on this kind of shit? Man, don't you have laundry to be done or food to cook or an oven to clean? Don't you have a real life? You are so freaking boring you have to peek in to my world to see what I am doing? Loosers!!!! I'm only here to aggrivate you! I hope you hate me! I hate you! From the bottom of my cold gray heart, I hate you.
So, any one want to go to the Hockey game Saturday night?
Write when you can, I'd love to hear from you, god knows you don't have any thing better to do....